Apparatus construction

In the field of apparatus construction, we concentrate on pressure-loaded objects for the most exacting requirements in high pressure environments. We also have extensive experience in the design, calculation, construction and production of pressure vessels that are subject to certification. We supply our products worldwide. 


  • API and ADC - Freeze / Thaw vessels
  • Mobile sterile vessels
  • Agitator vessels and transport tanks
  • Pressure and processing vessels
  • Bio-reactors and fermenters
  • Prototypes and new developments

Manufacturer accreditations:

  • SVTI, AD-HP0, EN ISO 3834-3, ASME VIII, Div. 1 (U-Stamp)

Welding system:

  • TIG, E-Hand and Orbital


  • Austenitic stainless steels
  • Nickel-based alloys (e.g. Hastelloy, Inconel, etc.)


  • Surface roughness after electro-polishing to Ra ≤ 0.10 μm


  • Object diameter to 3.0m
  • Length to 20m
  • Weight to 10t
  • Wall thickness 3-25mm