Electropolishing by means of the tampon process

The galvanic process of electrochemical polishing is typically carried out by means of an electrolyte bath or rather by filling or flooding the component or the vessel to be treated.

Particularly in the event of vessels that are permanently installed or that are not transportable or only with a huge effort due to their capacity, this surface treatment is solely practicable by means of an on location solution.

An alternative electropolishing method to the typical polishing in an electrolyte bath consists in the anodic polishing by means of the tampon process. This technique, for surfaces from just a few square centimetres up to larger surfaces which are processed efficiently and economically to the highest quality, is an exclusive service provided by Edelstahl Maurer AG.

According to the professional polish, we use tampons of various shapes and sizes to fulfil the high individual polishing requirements.

The advantages of local electropolishing by means of the tampon process are diverse as well as convincing:

  • a minimal production stop
  • an excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • a prompt and fast execution of the works
  • a demounting of the vessel to be treated is not necessary
  • only the concerned area is treated, not the whole of the vessel surface
  • no static problems in comparison to filling/flooding a vessel

All production steps are recorded in detail and the customer receives FDA-compliant documentation both in paper and electronic form. By using the tampon technique, treated parts of surfaces subsequently exhibit no visually recognisable differences at all to the surfaces already polished in the electrolyte bath.