Repair and modification work of the highest quality

As one of the leading manufacturers of API/ADC freeze/thaw vessels, characterised by their top-quality workmanship and first-class surface finish, we have a great deal of experience and enormous know-how in the production of first-class pressure vessels. We also apply this to services for our demanding clients – especially from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Thanks to our comprehensive range of services, you can extend the safe service life of your pressure vessels and use them more sustainably without having to compromise: We test and evaluate the vessels, repair any kind of damage and carry out any modifications and repairs. All work is documented in detail in accordance with GMP. We organise all of the country-specific, statutory acceptance tests.

Benefit from the services offered by Edelstahl Maurer AG to keep your pressure vessels in operation sustainably in the long term:

Testing & Evaluation

Visual inspection (VT) Visual inspection (VT)
Dye penetration testing (PT) Dye penetration testing (PT)
Pressure and leakage test Pressure and leakage test


Welding Welding
Grinding Grinding
Electropolishing in an electrolyte bath Electropolishing in an electrolyte bath
Local electropolishing Local electropolishing


Nozzles Nozzles
Flange connections Flange connections
Magnetic agitators Magnetic agitators


Removal of defective screws Removal of defective screws
Damage in transit Damage in transit
General repairs General repairs

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